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Breastfeeding for Working Mothers


For many new moms, breastfeeding and returning to work can be hard. Many moms think they have to stop breastfeeding when it's time to return to work. It need not be so!


With just a little planning and commitment, and appropriate guidance, you'll be prepared to tackle the logistics of continued nursing.


Appropriate Planning for your return to work can make the transition smoother. Planning ahead can help you continue to enjoy breastfeeding your baby long after your maternity leave is over. Learn all about planning expression of breast milk, storage of expressed milk and proper feeding of expressed milk

Duration of consult  45 to 60 Minutes

Mode : In person at clinic / Online virtual

By Prior Appointments 

Consult Charges     ₹1500


For further information on programs offered & to

book appointments please get in touch with us

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