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Consultation visit with Baby & Mother (to address all breastfeeding Problems)


First Lactation consultation visit with Baby


Expect the visit to last approximately an hour, longer if complex problems are involved. The consultation starts with you filling out a consent form and a comprehensive medical history as related to child birth & breastfeeding.


Lactation consultation includes

  • Review of maternal and infant health history, birth and breastfeeding experience to date

  • Evaluation & Physical assessment of mother’s breasts and baby’s oral and structural anatomy

  • Weighing your baby before and / or after feeding on a hospital grade precision neonatal scale

  • Observation / assessment of position & Latch while feeding & hands-on assistance

  • A personalized and detailed breastfeeding care plan

  • Examination & treatment of breasts problems like Engorgement / Sore Nipples / Mastitis / Candidiasis / Thrush Infections & Abscess.  Evaluating the condition of the breast & deciding a clinical line of management for breast problems.

  • Prescription of relevant medications & investigations as applicable 

  • Assist and help with selection & correct usage of pump, If applicable

Always ask questions during your consultation - no matter how awkward or embarrassing


Duration of consult  60 to 100 Minutes

Mode : In person at clinic / Online virtual / Telephone

By Prior Appointments 

Consult Charges     ₹1800


Follow-up Lactation consultation with Baby


  • Assessment of breastfeeding technique being used by the mother and progress

  • Re-evaluation / Update of breastfeeding care plan as required

  • Observation, reassessment of feeding positions / Latch

  • Weighing your baby to check weight gain by baby,

  • Other questions that the mother may have

Duration of consult  30 Minutes

Mode : In person at clinic / Online virtual / Telephone

By Prior Appointments 

Consult Charges     ₹Nil  (For limited period after first consult)


For further information on programs offered & to

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