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Feeding Babies with Cleft Lip & Cleft Palate


Babies born with cleft lip and palate, like any other babies, need to learn how to feed successfully in order to thrive and grow. If the baby has a cleft lip only (with a normal palate), he/she should be able to feed normally using some modified techniques.

However, babies born with a cleft lip and palate, or cleft palate only, have an opening in the roof of their mouth- between the mouth and nose. This opening in the palate makes it difficult to create the suction needed to pull milk out of the bottle or to latch on to the breast to breastfeed. This means that babies with cleft palate are at risk for poor weight gain because they use a lot of energy to feed.

Our job is to work with parents and teach them how to feed their baby with a specialized cleft bottle and nipple. We will see you and your baby until your child is feeding well and gaining weight appropriately. Babies should be able to feed comfortably within a reasonable amount of time, without struggling to breathe, choking, or working very hard to get the milk out of the bottle. The feeding goal is to help the baby get the right amount of milk in the right amount of time, and to avoid taking in too much air.


Duration of consult  60 to 90 Minutes

Mode : In person at clinic

By Prior Appointments 

Consult Charges     ₹1500


For further information on programs offered & to

book appointments please get in touch with us

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