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Hospital grade breast pumps now available on rent for personal home use

Hospital Grade breast pumps available on rent for home use
Hospital Grade breast pumps on rent

Hospital grade breast pumps prove to be an ideal aid for breastfeeding mothers to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply. These pumps are costly to buy. Now you have an option to rent them for your personal use

These hospital grade breast pumps have been developed specifically to support mums throughout their breastfeeding journey: to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk supply. This Pump is ideal for long-term and frequent pumping.

With these pump sets, you can express your breast milk from the comfort of your own home using your hospital grade rental breast pump. The pump sets provide you with everything you need as a breastfeeding mum.

• Supports you to successfully initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk production.

• Helps you initiate lactation when using the INITIATE program

• Assists you to build and maintain your milk production when using the MAINTAIN program.

• Particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue

• Alleviates symptoms of engorgement and helps heal mastitis

• Brings out flat or inverted nipples

• Easy to use and pleasingly quiet operation

Once you decide to rent the pump our executives will reach you to complete the paper work, coordinate the delivery to your home and explain how the pump is to be assembled and used.

Rental support is available across all major cities in India

For more information call 99696 37930

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